Network Solutions in White Plains, NY

Superior Hardware Installation in White Plains, NY

Whether you need assistance setting-up computers for your workstations or need help installing infrastructure for your data network, trust nXf Solutions Corp to provide the support you need. As an IT company, we offer a number of services for hardware installation in White Plains, NY, covering everything from server setups to terminal configurations. Our experienced technicians have the skills and equipment needed to handle any installation project and will ensure that your desktop and network hardware is ready to meet the needs of your business. Contact us to learn more about our hardware setup services or to discuss your IT project with our skilled team.

Running New Cables

In addition to installing new hardware, our team also provides solutions for cabling installation for your business. We will ensure that your network infrastructure is properly installed throughout your workspace while also making sure that your cables are correctly labeled and managed. We will always run your lines through appropriate raceways and conduits and will ensure proper terminations at each end of the cable. Our team can also assist with setting up server racks. Additionally, when installing your new cabling, our team can ensure that your network is scalable, allowing you to add more users and workstations as your company expands and grows.